Fluid Bed Dryer Unit

  • The Fluid Bed Dryer unit is made in two pieces, from S.S. 304 grade steel
  • External surfaces of the dryer, all non contact/sight parts and all contact parts have super glossy Mirror finish built from S.S. 304
  • The Crevice free profiles both inside and outside to prevent material Entrapment at all welds
  • Second unit called Expansion chamber made from S.S. 304/316 and it contains Filter Finger Bags
  • Retarding Chamber made of S.S. 304 is locked with expansion chamber by means of Clamps
  • Retarding chamber is specially designed to provide extra large heat to dry each particle of material
  • Base is specially designed to give extra strength and vortex effect
  • Imported Needle Roller bearing provided at the bottom of turret

Bowl / Product Container:

  • Bowl is made in conical shape manufactured from S.S.304
  • Container trolley is built from S.S.304 tubular pipe having polypropylene castor wheel to carry material
  • Container is lifted up by pneumatic cylinder system with uniform lifting throughout periphery of container and also prevents leakage of material during operation

Electro Pneumatic Control Panel:

  • Inlet air temperature controller
  • Exhaust air temperature indicator
  • Process air Damper regulation
  • Material bowl lifting & lowering valve
  • Blower motor, start & stop
  • Compressed air pressure gauges