• • S. S. Cladding on C.I. round shaped body in both Vertical and Horizontal type machines
  • Square fabricated under side body on which Machine and Motor both are mounted
  • All contact parts are made from S.S. 304 or S.S. 316 as optional feature
  • Internally Conical Stator having two different tooths stages
  • Toothed Conical Rotor directly coupled with the motor shaft in Vertical model and engaged with Belt in horizontal model
  • Rotor & Stator assembly is housed in the Stainless Steel Housing
  • Perfectly engaging & specially designed Conical shaped stator & Rotor Assembly gives Grinding accuracy of 5–10micron
  • Adjustment of the grinding gap by an exterior screw by means of two handles even during the operation
  • Three-way cock system for draining and recirculation of liquids